Self Drafted Thread Catcher


I got tired of picking up threads and fabric scraps off the floor by the sewing machine and serger. There’s a trash can in the area but not close enough to toss into so I decided to make my own. It’s basically a box without a top.


  1. Pique leftover remnant for main fabric
  2. Fat quarter quilting cotton remnant for lining
  3. Pellon Flex Foam used for the box
  4. Pellon Décor Bond used to stiffen the back

Dimensions, includes 3/8″ seam allowance :

  1. Back 11 x 14– Cut 2
  2. Sides 6 x 3 1/2 — Cut 2 main fabric and 2 of lining
  3. Front 11 x 6 — Cut 2 of main fabric and 2 of lining
  4. Bottom 11 x 3 1/2– Cut 1 main fabric ( I used the main fabric for the bottom inside of the box)

I didn’t take pics as I was making it but it did not take long.

Fuse the Décor Bond to the back side of one of the Back pieces (11 x 14), fuse the Flex Foam to both of the Side pieces, the Front and also the Bottom piece.

Stitch the Side pieces to the Front piece, use 3/8″ seam. The Flex Foam will make it rigid but flexible at the same time, you want this so the front stays out to catch the threads/scraps. Stitch the lining in the same manner, Sides to Front.

With right sides together (RS) stitch the Lining of the box to the Front/Side of the box. Flip it so that wrong sides (WS) are together. Usually I like the lining to not peek out over the main fabric but in this case, due to the Flex Foam and the thickness of it, I just folded it over and left a lip of the lining showing. It looks like it was bound if you are looking at if from the front but it’s not, it’s the lining. The front of the box will be a little longer than the lining to allow for this. I just cut that extra bit off of the main box and matched up the lining. Top stitch around the top of the box.


I stitched the Bottom piece to the box, the part showing the Flex Foam is on the outside bottom of the box, see below. I was not overly concerned about the finishing on the bottom edge, since it’s fused to the Flex Floam, it will not ravel. The pretty side is on the inside of the box, I made sure to catch the lining as I stitched.


Next I pinned the box where I wanted it on the interfaced Back piece, about 1 inch up from the bottom. I suggest basting at the sides to hold in place but it’s not required. Then I stitched the Bottom of the box to the Back interfaced piece. Now is the fun and tricky part.

I love the Flex Foam because it’s flexi! Sandwich the box between the interfaced Back piece and the non-interfaced Back piece. I made it fit and pinned it all around, it’s a bit fiddly but since it’s flexible it’s not difficult you just have to smash the box to make it stay inside the 2 Back pieces, like a sandwich!

I stitched all around the Back pieces making sure that the Side pieces were inside the seam allowance. I left a gap about 3 inches on the bottom for turning the thread catcher inside out. Once it was turned out, I used my thumb to push out the corners and flatten the seams and pressed it. I topstitched all around the area above the box and also under the box, effectively closing the gap where it was turned.






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