Jalie Pull on Pants


Hello! Happy new year, can’t believe it’s 2016.

Christmas came and went rather quickly. I decided last year to make presents for my friends and some of my family. I decided to sew up Sewaholics free pattern, the Stanley tree. I picked out some cool fabric and began the sewing in November. Good thing I started early because it does take some time. And lots and lots of poly-fill.


This is well after the fact, I know.

The pattern comes in two sizes, large and a medium size. I went a step further and made a small size.

The instructions are great and very clear. Trimming the seam allowances is very important since they have to be turned.

Mark the center and sew. On the right is the large size and the small trees.

Once they are filled and the bottoms hand sewn, they can be decorated with bells, ribbon, buttons, etc. I decorated with bells and ribbon but didn’t take pics.

I made about 13 of them in varying sizes.


Like I said, good thing I started early!







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