Black denim skirt- WIP

Black denim

                                                                                                        Black denim


New skirt I’ve been working on, almost done. The background on this skirt is interesting.

I used Vogue 1247 V1247,  I first saw the cute skirts made by Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn and was totally inspired, she looks so beautiful in the clothes she makes and the finishing is great. She did mention in one of her posts that the skirt was a bit short. I made a wearable muslin and it was a bit short for me so I added about 4 inches to the length on the pattern. I decided I wanted a denim skirt and cut it all out of the black denim I bought from Fabric Mart at the beginning of the summer. I decided to make my own seam binding to make the inside of the skirt pretty.


Pockets with self made seam binding

Going around the curves of the pockets gave me a fit because the denim is bulky and doesn’t maneuver well under the presser foot. I used a jean needle. Anyhow, it came time to sew in the back zipper when I realized that I did not have the back yoke cut out of the denim. I looked all over my sewing room, in the trash and could not find it. I looked in the envelope for the pattern piece and realized that it was missing. I guess when I made it the first time I must have misfiled it inside another pattern envelope. I keep my used patterns in gallon sized Ziploc bags. I did not want to spend hours and hours looking through these so I decided to buy the pattern again and use the missing piece. Well, as you know, Vogue patterns are usually $ 18-20+ so I had to wait for a sale. Big difference between $5.99 and 20 bucks. I’m frugal when it comes to patterns, not so much with fabric.

The skirt went into a pile until I bought the replacement pattern. It must have been a month or so later. When I got it, I cut out the pattern piece that was missing. I did not trace it because I am using size 14 and it’s the smallest of the group. Hopefully I won’t gain lbs so that I’ll have to go up a size. And so, it has sat in the UFO for a few months. I was lazy and in the middle of sewing something else and didn’t feel like changing out the needle and thread. I’m sure I was making some knit top or a fast and easy knit skirt and couldn’t be bothered. So this past weekend I picked it up again, cut out the yoke pieces and went to work. It had been so long that when I sewed the back yokes to the back pieces and applied the binding, I realized how bulky it would be around the zip and the side seams. I only used it to encase the seam at the back yoke and back. I called my son and asked him to get the hammer to hammer the seam with the binding down before installing the zipper.

As were sitting on the kitchen floor, I told him to be careful and not hammer too hard as to break the tile. No problem, but he did hammer a bit hard and I could see the imprint of the hammer on the denim. I came up with a great idea, we have a rug in the kitchen area which I placed on top of the denim!! Figured it would protect the denim from the hammer marks.

Whack! Whack! went the teenage boy wielding the hammer! Thor

He missed the seam and poked a hole in my skirt and opened a hole in rug!!!!


I had to patch it up with some interfacing and Dritz Fray Check, this stuff is awesome! Don’t know if it will hold, only time will tell.


Back with patched up hole

Now it needs hemming, my least favorite part.


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