Super easy pillowcase- for the hubs


First time making a pillowcase. Here’s the story.

I have a lot of satin pillowcases which I love. My husband does not. He prefers cotton.

When the cleaning lady changes the sheets, she puts the satin ones on his pillow. And he complains about it every time. You would think that by now I would have told her this but here’s the deal- we have a ton of pillowcases on the bed and he sometimes switches out the one he sleeps with. He likes his pillows big and fluffy, I like them flat.

I have been having to give her many instructions (she’s fairly new to us) that I decided to make it easy. I made him a pillowcase. I have never made one before.

I got this fabric at Joann’s, it’s a quilting cotton, not super soft but nice. It was pre-washed and it bled a little so I added some white vinegar which helped. So I purchased 2 yrds of the blue with anchors, 1/4 yard of the dots and 1/4 yard of the gold roses on blue background. The pic was taken with my cell phone and in a hurry hence the slightly out of focus picture.

Using an old pillowcase for a template, I cut out the main body (doubles for all), 45 inches wide (width of fabric) and the length of the pillowcase. The contrasting pieces were cut (dots) 1 1/2 ” long and the roses were 4 1/2 ” long. I planned to have a 1/4″ hem to the end piece (roses).


Serged the dots and roses together then serged those pieces to the main fabric. Ironed the seams away from the main fabric.


I love my serger! Put all the pieces together right sides together, matching seams and serged three edges together, leaving the rose fabric as the opening.


Easiest way I have found to hem is to stitch the fabric and then fold and iron against this stitching. For the hemming on the rose fabric, I stitched using machine basting stitches (5) at 1/4″ from the edge. Then I pressed under at this stitching line, makes for a 1/4″ hem. You could also use this method and change the depth of the hem.


He loved the finished pillowcase and now it will be easy to determine which is his pillow!




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