Work clothes sewing

Skirt- New Look 6843

Skirt- New Look 6843

What a terrible picture! Skirt is View C New Look 6843. It’s made from a linen blend I bought from Fabric Mart. It’s lined with a polyester lining type fabric in cream.

The top is a knit that I bought from High Fashion Fabrics. It has amazing recovery and it’s kind of rough on the right side and smooth on the inside. I had a white sleeveless knit top I used regularly for work but after many washings, it started to look grey. I unpicked the seams and copied it. Sometimes the front neckline would hang too low and flash the bra so I decided to take off 3/8″ off the shoulder- front and back. This was clearly a mistake because now the underarms are too tight. I did not try it on when I sewed it because, duh, I copied it!!

Yeah, right. So this morning I was excited to wear all of my new makes and when I slipped it on over my head, the armholes are right there at my armpits. It’s uncomfortable but I thought what the heck, and off to work I went. You can see the wrinkles at the armholes.

Looks like I will have to do some unpicking and cutting the armhole a bit bigger. I have room to work with. The length is perfect and can be worn tucked in or out.

Rear shot off center- oh well! Invisible zips give me trouble, I unpicked this one several times and it’s still a bit wonky. I used Janet Pray’s Islander Sewing system for inserting and it has been better but I still need lots of practice. At least I don’t have the bump at the bottom of the zipper!  All in all, very happy with my top and skirt. AND, I have matching shoes!!!

Invisible zip

Invisible zip


PINK shoes!!

Until next time and happy sewing!


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