Weekend sewing part 1

My husband and I celebrated our one yr anniversary last Thursday, had planned to got to Biloxi for a poker boat run but due to the deluge of water we have received lately, we canceled the trip. I kept my original vacation days and had a mini staycation= SEWING!!

So, I was busy, more on that later.

This top, Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank, was made specifically for the trip to Biloxi since we were going to be on a boat. I made it a few weeks ago and put it in a drawer until Sunday when we went to have lunch at my mother-in-law’s house. I used pre-made double fold bias binding and used pink thread as contrast. It’s not perfect but I am ok with that. That being said, I realized after I had the top on that it’s a bit too tight across high bust point. I have made this pattern before and I cut a straight 12. I’ve had this pattern at least 2-3 years, since I started sewing and knew nothing about fit, have made 2 tops and now that I’ve learned a little bit, I realized that one of the best things about sewing my own clothes is that I can make any change I want. Not that I want to make changes all the time but my waistline does fluctuate. I guess that since the pattern said 38.5″ for the bust measurement, that’s what I went by. My bust is 38″ exactly, no wonder it’s tight! I am going to print a PDF and try the size 14, it will be a better fit. I used a rayon challis I bought from Fabric Mart, yeah for stashbusting!!!

20150531_135200Opted for sewing the back bodice with a center seam rather than on the fold.


Taylor Shorts

Taylor Shorts

Just out of the shower, sorry for the awful pic

Just out of the shower, sorry for the awful pic

Here’s the deal with Greenstylecreations.com Taylor Shorts. I love the pattern, had to make 2 muslins, one wearable the other not. I lengthened the crotch length and had to adjust the waistband. I guess I have a sway back (see, I’m learning!!) and for this one, ended up taking a dart on the center back waistband. I have since changed it on the pattern as well.

Sorry for the VPT,  really like this pattern and plan to make many more.

Back view

Back view

Another view

My fabric tray. I made this in about 30 mins (love those fast projects). Got the idea from this blog, Noodlehead, it was super easy and used up some more fabric scraps. I plan to make a taller box for under my sink in my bathroom. I also used a stiffer Pellon fusible stabilizer. I bought it from an Etsy vendor.

Fabric box

Fabric tray

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